Medicare Advantage Plans also include few cons, know it here

Some patients switch from Medicare Advantage, if they are a patient with many health complaints. The private insurance companies provide an alternative as Medicare Advantage plans to the Traditional Medicare plans. The MA plans readily pay for the drug prescriptions. They also offer the great benefit that Medicare Advantage plans charge unbelievably low premium and even NIL payment as premium. Medicare Advantage plans are the best, but not for all as the choices are limited and there are some disadvantages.


 Fewer Choices

The plans here offer Part A and B Medicare coverage and they offer this under a network approved providers list of health care and hospitals. It means people enrolled in MA plans, but visit the hospitals, doctors or health care specialists only from the network list to get coverage in full. In case you go and visit a doctor who is not in the network plan, you have to pay as you have no coverage. Even to see a specialist, you must get a referral from the primary doctor to get coverage by insurance.


You can enroll into Medicare plans for 2019 by visting as you wish or also change from a Medicare Advantage plan to another MA plan, in the open enrollment period that starts from October 15 and December 7. This is the time you are allowed to switch from Medicare Advantage to Traditional Medicare during the open enrollment period as well as from January 1 to 14 February.


If you miss the enrollment periods, you cannot consider plan changing, even in case you find the network doctors you require are dropped from the plan. Besides, you cannot also enroll in MA plan, in case you have crucial disease as the end-stage kidney disease.

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Pay Higher Costs

The costs that you spend from your pocket are limited by Medicare Advantage plans and this is based on the plan you select. Typically, the costs include a deductible that is the amount you cover prior to the insurance paying it. Most plans charge a cost as the percentage for the services in the name of coinsurance and this is for the good or services as fixed amount and this is known as copayment. Here also you only end paying the services entire cost as the insurance company mostly denies it considering it as nursing care and is in favor of only that is necessary medically.


For more services, with MA plans it may increase the costs than with the Traditional Medicare with Medigap covering the costs that is spent from pocket, but Medigap is not given with Medicare Advantage plans.